Own Boat Tuition from Simon Phillips AFRIN

One of UK’s most experienced skippers – Simon Phillips – launches exciting tuition opportunity for yacht and boat enthusiasts

Nautical enthusiasts can experience a unique opportunity to learn from one of the most experienced skippers in the UK as Seaway Deliveries expands its services to include own boat tuition. Simon Phillips, who has racked up an impressive 330,000 nautical miles ranging from the waters around Norway to the Galapagos Islands, is now available to instruct boat owners on the comfort of their own vessel as he expands his business. Tuition and Training

Armed with a remarkable 27 trans-Atlantic crossings, including seven races, and an excellent track record for yacht racing, Phillips is set to impart his experience and passion to his customers. With an extensive list of places he’s visited by sea, boat and yacht lovers will be hard-pressed to find someone with more knowledge and insight than this skipper. As a Yachtmaster Instructor, customers can even gain formal training and certification as they learn from one of the most experienced in the business and become comfortable taking control of their own yacht.

Simon Phillips, Managing Director of Seaway Deliveries, said, “Having been taken sailing on board the family yacht at only a few weeks old, I have been involved in sailing and boating all my life. There’s nothing like cruising the open waters to the next destination and the skills needed to act as a skipper of a yacht are something I love to teach. The freedom and excitement it offers our customers mean that working with them is always rewarding.”

Seaway Simon Phillips

Seaway Deliveries has now been in operation for almost a decade, with its initial offering focussing on the delivery of yachts around the world. Its success has seen the business and its services rapidly grow to now include boat repairs and maintenance, skipper and crew hire and its Soft Landings packages, a bespoke service that aims to make every aspect of buying and setting out on a boat simple and stress free.

It’s not just Phillips that has a high level of experience taking to the seas in the Seaway Deliveries company. The team of professional yacht skippers, first mates and crew members are carefully handpicked to ensure they maintain high standards of seamanship, professionalism and customer care and every skipper must have a minimum of 50,000 miles on a variety of yachts in differing conditions and locations around the world. The exacting standards mean customers will never be disappointed with the service they receive and have access to highly experienced professionals when they choose Seaway Deliveries.