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Zippo Handwarmer 12 Hours


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When you’re outdoors, you’re focused. Sailing, hunting, walking, you don’t want distractions like cold hands. Zippo’s® new and improved filling process for its hand warmers keeps you in the game! Fill the cup. Light the burner. Done! Up to 12 hours of heat for your hands and fingers. Now get back out there.

Includes Easy Fill Technology
Improved Fill Cup Helps Reduce Spills
Perfect For All Cold Weather Activities
New Smaller Size Fits Into Even More Pockets
Flameless Gentle Warmth
Rugged & Durable MetalConstruction
Lighter Fluid Refillable – Environmentally Friendly & Reusable
Zippo Hand Warmer Specs Height: 5.3″ (13.462cm) Width: 2″ (5.08cm) Depth: .4″ (1.016cm)


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