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We provide a professional Yacht and Boat Delivery service worldwide, including the UK, Europe, The Caribbean and America.

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Seaway Pricing

Every quote is bespoke for the boat, journey and requirements of the owner.

Drawing on Simon Phillips vast personal worldwide experience of 300,000 nautical miles on a variety of vessels including super yachts we can provide you with an accurate quotation. Seaway understands how important your yacht is and we treat it as if it were our own. We do not believe in fixed rates as this generic way of quoting does not allow for the bespoke nature of the job and can actually be counter productive.

A fixed rate encourages the Skipper / crew to complete the delivery as quickly as possible as they are not paid for days above and beyond the agreed timeframe which can lead to thrashing and pushing on into bad weather when the yacht should really stop and seek shelter.

Seaway gives a generous amount of time for the preparation, delivery and then the post delivery checking and cleaning. We allow for an extra amount of time when providing a quotation for likely weather delays and will state the likely number of days the delivery should take. Criteria such as yacht type, size, location / journey details will be factored into the quotation.  Our quotations are based upon experience in sailing, we know what the weather will most likely be doing for your delivery and can estimate accordingly.

The Seaway Standards

Quote for yacht and boat deliveryPreparations are thorough beforehand, the time before the delivery commences is carefully allocated with constant communication with the owner to ensure all necessary safety equipment is onboard and is in service.  This minimises delays in waiting for safety items to be obtained etc.

Seaway would never push your yacht and would not depart on a forecast over a Force 6. This ensures not only the safety of your vessel, but in addition and as important, that your yacht is not pushed or thrashed in any way.

We understand how important your yacht is and would treat it as I do my own.

The skippers we use are highly qualified and experienced, each with a minimum of 50,000 miles experience and a Yachtmaster qualification.  Our skippers are all well known to Simon Phillips, which ensures consistent quality throughout the team. Training and standard operating procedures by us, ensure that every trip is handled in a highly professional manner by a highly professional team.

Seaway sails well over 100,000 miles a year and keeping to our system we know we can safely deliver your yacht.

Seaway keeps you informed at all times of the progress of the delivery trip. This includes progress / weather information and general updates on the passage.

Our professional image is very important to us and we take great care and pride in what we do.

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