Yacht Deliveries re-commence after the storms

February Already!

Welcome to our latest blog, written to you from Palma, Mallorca.  After watching the weather closely – as we often do with our sailing and yacht delivery activities, I am wondering how far along the alphabet we are going to get with our ‘named storms’ which sweep across the UK causing damage and stop our sailing before the spring!


Newhaven, near Beachy Head. South Coast UK and The Needles, IOW are illustrated.

In many ways, I am glad to be in Palma at the moment, after a brief return to the UK following on from a yacht delivery trip on the ARC  Canaries – St.Lucia.  The ARC was another pleasant trip across the Atlantic for myself to assist and instruct some good clients onboard their Hanse 54’ yacht. This is part of our Skippering Service we provide our clients.  This makes my total number of trans-Atlantic crossings now 27. Slightly more to the Caribbean than from it.


Going back to Palma, I have been instructing Yachtmaster courses here for a very well respected sailing school. It is almost 20 degrees and sunny! A light breeze – a little too light at times for our course, but it is very good to be back on the water again.

We have had a steady January in terms of yacht delivery work, which is usual for this time of the year. Although after completing the ARC and meeting many people on it, we have numerous bookings in for the return to Europe from the Caribbean. These are onboard a Hallberg Rassy, Hanse, an Oyster and a one off 48’ design yacht. Winter maintenance for numerous clients’ who ask us to arrange the servicing and maintenance type work for them is always popular.

If you would like any assistance with relocating your yacht, or advice with an ocean passage / yacht delivery we would be very pleased to assist and advise you.  My own experience is in the region of almost 300,000 miles as skipper, in many oceans of the world onboard many different yachts.  I am a qualified YachtMaster Instructor and can navigate by the stars if necessary!  The Seaway skippers all have well over a minimum of 50,000 miles as skipper and are very competent.

Wishing you fair winds and following seas!

Written by Simon Phillips

Simon Phillips

Managing Director of Seaway Yacht Delivery

Yacht delivery, Skippering services and our Soft Landings service are all offered to help you, the yachtsman with their boating plans.