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Soft Landings

Soft Landings

From Seaway Deliveries

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Sailing time is precious, so we help you make the most of it. Our bespoke service to guide you through every aspect of buying a boat from start to finish will enable you to do just that.

“I wish I had used Soft Landings from Seaway – when I moved aboard my Hanse 540e so many things just didn’t work. I spent weeks trying to sort it all out. It was very expensive and stressful – in fact we had to spend an extra £32,000 on fixing things and buying things” 

Tina & Mark Davies.

Soft LandingsOur Soft Landings service has been introduced to ensure and support yacht and boat owners who have decided to live the dream and sail.  We take away the stresses of boat ownership from your initial idea of having a boat to leaving the harbour. Even after this, we are there to help you.

You have planned on having a boat for a while and the dream is now becoming a reality. It’s an exciting time but it can also be quite challenging.  There are lots of decisions to make – which boat, new or used, where shall I buy it, what is the right price, which surveyor, what equipment will I need…. The list of questions and potential solutions is often overwhelming, even for experienced boat owners.

At Seaway, we have been appalled over the years at the bad experience a lot of people have when buying a boat, and also in that important time just following the purchase.  It should be fun and exciting but can quickly turn into an expensive and stressful time.  As a result of this, we decided to pull on our 15 years’ experience in the marine industry globally and create a service to ensure the experience of buying and owning a boat is the pleasure it should be.

Soft Landings from Seaway is unique in the marine industry, designed to ensure your experience is stress-free.  We are totally independent, and as such, we can work alongside you and support you at whatever stage in the process you are.

Are You Currently Planning a Purchase?

Seaway Boat Selector

We can guide / support you thought the maze of boat choices – helping you choose a boat that is right for you.

Have you narrowed you selection to 3 or 4 boats?

We can discuss with you the specifications of the boat. Considering what equipment is onboard or what will need to be added for the type of boating you want is important and choosing this at an early stage can save you literally thousands.

All this can help you save money and avoid unexpected additional expenditure at the next step.

Have You Just Bought a Boat?

Once you have purchased your boat you will have a whole series of questions around:

  • Insurance
  • Surveyors
  • Deliveries
  • Marinas
  • Equipment

We have professional marine suppliers we can suggest to you, who we know to be professional, honest and reliable

110 Point Check

Our 110 Point Check is core to the Soft Landings Service.  We know you want to collect your boat knowing 110% that everything is not only safe but also in good working order.

We visit your boat and test everything – working through our 110 point checklist.  This is not a survey but an owners report.  We check all of the main systems, such as navigation instruments, autopilot, sail conditions, engine and drive systems, standing and running rigging, battery condition and charging systems and so on.  We also check all of the smaller things such as navigation lights, interior lighting, water pressures, heads operation and so on. This ensures life aboard is pleasant and lives up to the dream.

Have You Just Made An Offer On a Boat?

Seaway “BuyWell”

This is a critical time for a new yacht owner. As caveat emptor or buyer beware is very much the way this process works.  You can download our list of questions to ask owners / brokers which will help you uncover any issues and avoid nasty surprises.

At Seaway, we do not sell boats – our passion is a pleasant experience for the owners – we are on the side of the owners.

We can help you:

  • Ask the right questions
  • Understand the implications of these answers
  • Find a surveyor
  • Review the surveyors report

All this can help you save money and avoid unexpected additional expenditure at the next step.

Would you like your new boat to be Delivered somewhere of your choice?

This is another of our professional services, we can provide a highly qualified, insured and experienced skipper to deliver your yacht for you, provide instruction and offer guidance for you onboard your new yacht.

We welcome owners wishing to be onboard for the relocation of their new yacht. This is often very helpful in having an experienced person onboard to go through the systems and in the general operation and handling of the boat.

Please see the Yacht Delivery section of our website, where we will happily arrange this for you.  Our rates are highly competitive, and are fully inclusive of all travel, charts, skipper and crew fees and you are covered by our own Skippers’ liability insurance of up to £3 million.

Seaway Welcome Aboard

Your First Experience of Your Boat

We know you want to walk onboard knowing that everything is safe and works. We not only ensure this is the case but we will go further if you like.

We can arrive at your boat before you do – provision the yacht for you, clean and tidy the boat and even ensure dinner is ready for your first night aboard.

With Soft Landings from Seaway, you can be sure that your boat will be ready to go when you want to.

Your Investment in a Soft Landings package depends on the level of support you require.  Each owners’ needs are unique so we tailor our services to meet those individual requirements.

The Following Is An Illustration

  • Seaway online boat selector diagnostic – FOC
  • Seaway Specification Check – 2.5 Days
  • Seaway Buy Well – 2 Days
  • Seaway 110 – 2 Days
  • Seaway Delivery – Quoted separately
  • Seaway Welcome Aboard – 1Day

Soft Landings Package

This complete pack ensures that you not only have complete peace of mind when buying and enjoy your boat but it means you can just concentrate on enjoying your boat from day 1.

Your investment in the Seaway Soft Landings Services is only 2% of the purchase price and will save you not only money but a lot of time and stress too.

  • Example: A 36′ yacht costing £200,000
  • Seaway online boat selector diagnostic – FOC
  • Seaway Specification Check – 2.5 Days
  • Seaway Buy Well – 2 Days
  • Seaway 110 – 2 Days
  • Seaway Delivery – Quoted separately, dependant upon locations
  • Seaway Welcome Aboard – 1Day

Total investment in the Soft Landings would be £4,000

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