New Service – Soft Landings

“Boat Ownership as it should be.” Simon Phillips.

We have recently launched a new service called Soft Landings.

Our Soft Landings service has been introduced to ensure and support yacht and boat owners who have decided to live the dream and sail.  We take away the stresses of boat ownership from your initial idea of having a boat to leaving the harbour. Even after this, we are there to help you.

A typical scenario – You have planned on having a boat for a while and the dream is now becoming a reality. It’s an exciting time but it can also be quite challenging.  There are lots of decisions to make – which boat, new or used, where shall I buy it, what is the right price, which surveyor, what equipment will I need…. The list of questions and potential solutions is often overwhelming even for experienced boat owners.

At Seaway, we have been appalled over the years at the bad experience a lot of people have when buying a boat, and also in that important time just following the purchase.  It should be fun and exciting but can quickly turn into an expensive and stressful time.  As a result of this, we decided to pull on our 15 years’ experience in the marine industry globally and create a service to ensure the experience of buying and owning a boat is the pleasure it should be.

Soft Landings from Seaway is unique in the marine industry, designed to ensure your experience is stress-free.  We are totally independent, and as such, we can work alongside you and support you at whatever stage in the process you are.

For further information and a downloadable brochure for this service, please contact us on:

Email –

Phone – 01234 818788 or 07765 291297

We look forward to hearing from you, and making your sailing time longer.