Winter Preparation for your yacht #3 Sails

Storage of your sails.

Whenever your sails are not in use, they should be stored dry, free of salt and folded in their bag. If they are folded in the same position every time, there will be fewer permanent creases instead of many light ones that gradually shake out. Sails will last longer if they are rolled in their sausage bags. Store a spinnaker dry and loosely stuffed in its snuffer or bag. Don’t store spinnakers wet for any length of time, as darker colours will bleed into lighter ones, and dampness promotes the growth of mildew.

Furling – ensure these are securely furled with the sheets wrapped around the furled headsail to keep in protected. Ensure the furling line is securely fastened and the sheets securely fastened to keep the headsail in position, to prevent any unfurling in strong winds.

Mainsail – ensure this has sail ties on it, securely fastened and the main cover well clipped on. If very strong winds are forecasted, it may be worth wrapping a line around the sail cover too, to keep it from lifting and potentially ripping in the strong winds. It looks a little ugly, but better this than a ripped mainsail cover!