Winter preparation for your yacht #4 Interior and Exterior

Interior of your yacht.

These are what you see the most of, and therefore are important to keep maintained.

The interior of the boat should be cleaned thoroughly to try and stop any mould from forming. Check through any perishables – food / drink. Remove any cans which are starting to rust or will expire during the winter months. 

Curtains and soft furnishings could be taken away and cleaned if needed. Items such as pillows / duvets should be taken away and mattresses lifted up to enable air circulation. 

A good general clean throughout. 

The heads should have an environmentally friendly antifreeze solution poured down, again to stop pipes freezing. 

Seaway Yacht Interior

Water tanks, this again can have an antifreeze added to it. I have seen this in The Netherlands and the Baltic especially, there is even a drinkable antifreeze!

A dehumidifier and small heater work together well, keeping the frost out and keeping the interior dry. Humidity levels should be around 60% to prevent any timbers from drying out unnecessarily.

Hull and Deck

A good clean all over, followed by the application of a good quality wax will keep the harsh elements off for the winter, making it easier to clean in the spring. Waxing the boat is also a good way to warm up on a cold day!

Finish any protective layers – varnish / sealants etc before the winter arrives to keep the water out.

This concludes our Winter Preparation Information, I hope you have enjoyed it.

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Securing your vessel well,
Engine winterisation,
Fuel Systems check and clean,
Sail removal and checking,
Interior / Exterior preparation.
General maintenance

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