Yacht Delivery from Netherlands to UK

Yacht delivery trip from Hoorn, Netherlands to Suffolk, UK aboard a Halberg Rassy 36, skippered by Simon Phillips with a first mate and a deckhand.

Near FelixstoweA new yacht for the owner, who contacted us to deliver his new vessel to the east coast. We were delighted to deliver such a nice yacht back across familiar waters to us in October / November 2013.

After joining the yacht in Hoorn, and going through our checklist before departure, it was apparent that everything on board was well maintained and in very good condition. Covering all saloon cushions and protecting the vessels woodwork, we set off on the first short leg towards Amsterdam. Although quite windy, we motored through the Maarkermeer to the sheltered marina called Sixhaven. Weather forecasts were not good enough for us to leave, being SW/W Force 7 and upwards! After a few days we were able to depart on a favorable forecast, which was good enough for a few days – the only high-pressure inbetween a series of lows. A short motor through the North Sea canal and out into the North Sea at Ijmuiden. Clearing the breakwaters, the main and headsail were hoisted and we motor sailed out and away from the coast.

yacht deliveryA nice sunset was accompanied by an extra layer of clothing as temperatures were starting to drop noticeably. Clear skies associated with high pressures in the winter mean thermals!

The watch system quickly fell into place, some nice hot dinner and a sleep before being back on watch. Three hours each at night, with occasionally two people being on deck at times during busy periods, especially crossing the shipping lanes meant that we had a good rest before our next watch. My favorite watch from early in the morning meant seeing the sunrise approximately 20 miles off the Suffolk coast bringing with it lots of sea birds and the occasional seal. The wind was very light during the night, giving us not much choice other than to motor.

Navigating around the various sandbanks the North Sea is renowned for, the cranes at Felixstowe was soon off the starboard bow. Fond childhood memories of sailing around here in the past came to mind as we motored up picturesque River Orwell.

Berthing in the marina, the yachts new owners’ were there to greet us in and were very pleased with what we had done and of course their new yacht! Lunch in the yacht club was very pleasant with the owners. Finalising everything onboard, we set off to the train station for the journey back home. A very nice yacht to be on, with good weather for the crossing of the North Sea to Suffolk. A successful outcome for us all.

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